Solana Monkey Business

NFT Collections

SMB Gen3

SMB Gen3 is a collection of 15,000 visually stunning pixel art Monke NFTs crafted with love and passion. Express your unique web3 identity and join the thriving MonkeDAO community. Showcase your status as a true builder in web3 and be a part of the revolution with Solana Monke Business.

The launch of SMB Gen3 was carried out in the following phases:

Public Raffle: 4,000 SMB Gen3 monkes were raffled off to the public, with everyone having an equal chance to participate. 79,265 SMB Barrel Raffle tickets were purchased, totaling $31M volume within 24 hours. 4,000 winning tickets were randomly selected with SMB Barrels being sent to the winners and all non-winning tickets refunded the mint price (for a total of $29.5M refunded).

SMB Gen2 Gated Mint: 5,000 SMB Barrels were made available for purchase exclusively by SMB Gen2 holders. This ensures a special opportunity for loyal supporters to acquire the new generation of monkes. You can check if an SMB Gen2 has already claimed its SMB Barrel via this tool. SMB Gen2 holders with unclaimed SMB Barrels can mint them via this website.

MonkeDAO Presale: 1,000 SMB Barrels were made available through a presale exclusively for MonkeDAO members.

Auctions: 5000 SMB Gen3 monkes will gradually be auctioned off over the course of a year, starting in late Q3 2023 and continuing into 2024.

You can purchase an SMB Barrel or SMB Gen3 via our marketplace.

SMB Barrel Raffle
SMB Barrel

SMB Gen2

SMB Gen2 is a collection on the Solana blockchain of 5000 randomly generated 24×24 pixel monke NFTs. These charming monkes are easily recognisable at any size and hold great status within the Solana community.

SMB Gen2 metadata is stored on Arweave, a permanent and decentralized data storage solution. Each monke has been generated to have a unique combination from amongst the 99 possible traits, no two monkes are the same.

Reject humanity, return to monke.

Mint Date: August 3, 2021

Royalties5% of each secondary sale is sent to the MonkeDAO treasury

SMB Gen1

SMB Gen1 is a collection of 4 different space-themed monke NFTs, each with a limited supply. Holding the whole collection
(one of each type) originally gave the holder a cut of the royalties from Gen2 sales. A maximum of 25 total collections could be formed.

Mint Date: June 2, 2021

116 Monkanician NFTs
37 AstroMonke NFTs
27 Monkos NFTs
25 Monkalien NFTs

Legacy Collectibles

• 840 OG Monke NFTs were airdropped to the earliest members to join the original SMB discord server in May, 2021.

• 9 Monking NFTs were given to the very first holders of the whole Gen1 collection as thanks for their early support.

• 2720 Jungle Jams NFTs were airdropped as part of a collaboration between Audius and SMB.